Overnight Camp


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Hours for Check In/check out

Weekdays: Arriving Campers should check in between 7AM and 11AM or 1:30PM and 4PM because naptime is between 11AM and 1:30PM (i.e. no drop off and pickups during this time). If your Camper arrives before 4PM, it gives them a chance to play and exercise before settling in for the night.

Weekends: Arriving Campers should check in between 8AM and 11AM or 2PM and 5PM.

General Schedule

All Campers are taken out for bathroom needs first thing in the morning. This is followed by breakfast and a short rest time. Then it is off to join their friends who are coming in for Day Camp.

Around 4:00PM everyone comes in and settles down before we serve dinner. Everyone goes out again for a bathroom stop before the Campers snuggle down for a good nights sleep.

Description of Cabins

Each cabin is in a climate controlled environment. Our cabins are constructed from high quality anodized aluminum with laminate privacy panels separating the cabins and in the doors. This construction is more durable, more sanitary and safer for your pet than chainlink. Our cabins are the best units available.

There is no chain link anywhere inside the building. Our cabins are easier to keep clean and preclude confrontations between pets in both adjoining and facing kennels. Our privacy gates prevent campers from seeing each other reducing barking and keeping your camper calm during their stay.

You can choose one of the following types of accommodation:

Deluxe Cabins:

We offer the finest accommodation for your pet. Every “cabin” is 4’ X 6”, with a privacy panel, aluminum grate and a cot with fleece throws for resting and sleeping.

Double Deluxe Cabins:

Double size deluxe cabins are available for one or more larger pets. Double cabins are 8’ X 6′, with a privacy panel, aluminum grate and cots with fleece throws for resting and sleeping.

Luxury Cabins:

We offer the very latest in luxury for your very special pet. Each cabin is 8’ X 6’, features a glass door with privacy panel and a larger cot. These cabins are equipped with webcams so you can see your pet anytime.

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