Massage for your Canine Companion

PetMassage™ offers a superior individualized path to assess and maintain dog wellness and enhances the quality of a dog’s life and its bond with its owner.

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Balances the Dog’s body from inside out through compassionate touch


Assists the Dog in achieving self-awareness to enhance energy, emotional and physical well-being


Promotes wellness of body and brain

Which Dogs can Benefit from Massage?

Physical Wellness

  • Rescue Dogs
  • Geriatric Dogs
  • Agility or Show Dogs
  • Family Dogs
  • Large Breed Puppies
Emotional Wellness

  • Hyperactive
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Trust Issues
Times of Transition

  • Adoption into New Home
  • Family Move
  • Family Stress
  • Death of Pet Sibling
  • Change in Family Dynamics

It is our mission at Camp Wagging Tails to enhance and extend the bond with your Best Friend. Massage complements holistic and traditional veterinary care, home care and all training and behavioral modification programs.

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