Dog Massage Not Just a Belly Rub

Dog Massage Not Just a Belly Rub

by Mary Colven

from the Lake Norman Citizen, July 26, 2012

What dog doesn’t love a good belly rub and who doesn’t love giving one? It’s an opportunity to show love and affection to your furry friend. You get the satisfaction of knowing you hit the right spot when his back leg starts involuntarily thumping the floor.

As a dog lover, you understand that touch is important to your dog. Building on that understanding, pet massage takes touch to a whole new level through a series of assessment strokes and techniques that can benefit dogs profoundly on a physical, emotional or behavioral level. It is the practice of intentional touch to aid maximum wellness for your dog from the inside out.

Massage for your dog is not a frilly spa treatment for a dog who has everything. In fact, in his book, Healing Touch, Michael W. Fox, DVM, writes that massage is highly important for dogs. “You could almost call it an essential of healthcare, like grooming, feeding and exercise,” says Fox.

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